A downloadable game for Windows

Unknown BOOM!


Was it just a stone hitting the floor?

Or are you now 5 seconds from a violent explosive death?

Do you stay hidden or do you bolt for it?

Get ready for a true test of your perception, nerves and tactical thinking.

You and up to 3 friends can clash together in a match of Unknown BOOM!


XBOX Controller

Left analog stick - Movement

X - Hide

A - Drop a bomb

B - Drop a mine

DS4 Controller

Left analog stick - Movement

Square - Drop a bomb

Circle - Hide

X - Drop a mine


Arrow keyes - movement

'A' - Hide

'S' - Drop a bomb

'D' - Drop a mine


Mateusz Wojtanowicz
Jakub Trąd
Iwo Bujkiewicz
Bartłomiej Jarosz


UnkownBOOOOM.zip 19 MB